Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hair Update: Growing. Like. Crazy!

Hey chicas! It's a new year and so much to look forward to. One thing I'm looking forward to...more hair growth! Now, I personally don't keep a detailed track (i.e. with a measuring tape) of my hair growth, but it is growing. like. crazy! Life has been extremely BUSY (hint: wedding bells:-), but I'm long overdue for a hair photo session. While I work on bringing you my own hair updates check out Sasha, a previous Naturally Fierce Feature who stopped by to share how her natural hair journey is going thus far.

Is your hair growing like you expected?
Wow! I saw an improvement after I cut my hair. It got thicker and yes it is growing like I expected. What an awesome choice.

If you were transitioning, did you do the big chop? If so, how do you feel?
I transitioned for about 9 months (don't quote me on that) and one day I woke up and did the big chop myself. I know I said I wouldn't do it myself but I was inspired to.
Based on your decision to go natural, have you inspired someone else to go natural?
I would have to say no. I realized when I went natural I had a lot of haters.

Has your hair care regimen changed? If so, how?
Yes! Before I completely went natural I washed my hair twice a month and did all that fancy stuff to it like trims every 6 weeks and deep conditioning. I was trying to be cautious with the new growth and now I can relax . Less stress equals more rest and my hair is the least of my worries.

 I love the hair color:)
What new hair products are you using?
Hawaiian silky!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you tried new hair styles? If so, which ones?
Yes, I have tried new dos like fro hawks and the famous high puff.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Alikay Naturals Product Giveaway!!!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Naturally Fierce Feature: Meet Soul Beauty!

Soul Beauty sent me a few pics of her gorgeous hair. She has been natural for about 12 years, but she grew her hair out after cutting locks off three years ago. Her alias name is fitting, her hair is soulful and beautiful looking! Thanks for sharing Soul Beauty:-)

Are you transitioning or natural?

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What do you think of Soul Beauty's hair?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Return: New Style, Products, and Free Stuff!!!

Hey Ladies!!! I know, I know it has been quite sometime since I have chatted with you all. While I was away I completed graduate school (Thank God!) and started a new career. It feels so good to be out of school, but surprisingly I'm eager to go back. Weird, I know. Over the past few months I have been enjoying life including the transformation my hair is taking, but...

Before I jump into more hair talk, I just wanted to thank all my new and old supporters on FacebookTwitter, and Youtube, you all rock! Special thanks to those who left me positive comments and asked questions. I was not away completely. I communicated with some of you and I appreciate those who reached out to me for natural hair tips, suggestions, and more. 


Now let's talk hair: I mentioned attending a wedding a few months ago and the need for an updo style. I recently tried another updo and I'm really happy with the results. To achieve my sleek and classic look I used Alikay Naturals Shine Crave Hair Glosser, Shea Yogurt Hair Moisture, Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner, and Lemongrass Leave-in Detangler. This product line is created by popular natural hair guru Rochelle Graham, better known as BlackOnyx77 on Youtube.

The first thing I noticed about all the products were the smell. Can you say YUMMY! I literally wanted to eat each and every one. After washing my hair I applied the Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner for about 10 minutes with a shower cap. This product is very thick and creamy, but it goes on smoothly when applied to wet hair. After rinsing it out my hair felt so soft and moisturized. The sage and honey combination is very therapeutic...Almost spa like.

 Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner

I then used the Lemongrass Leave-in Detangler with a wide toothed comb to stretch out my curls. This product smells fresh and clean. I thought the consistency of this product was just right for a detangler, not to watery and not to thick. After combing through my hair with this product, I used the blow dryer on the cool to low setting. I parted my hair and applied some of the Shea Yogurt directly to my scalp. This product resembles shea butter in its raw state. It is thick and yellow, but it melts in your hair and smells very light. To add some shine to my ends I used a few drops of the Shine Crave Hair Glosser. This product is not heavy or greasy and brought out the natural sheen and luster of my hair.

  Shea Yogurt Hair Moisture

My afro was amazingly fluffy, but I used the flat iron once on medium sized sections to achieve an updo with a sleeker look. I simply rolled the back up and secured my hair with bobby pins. You can really see the difference in the before and after pics. I only hope it looks like this for the wedding:-)


Wanna try Alikay Naturals for FREE?!

One lucky winner will win the Shine Crave Hair Glosser, Shea Yogurt Hair Moisture, Honey and Sage Deep Conditioner, and Lemongrass Leave-in Detangler!!! These products will be an excellent complement to your current natural hair regimen.

Contest opens one day this week so make sure you check back everyday. You don't want to miss this one!

Ttyl ♥

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Naturally Fierce Feature: Meet Sasha!

NF Exclusive Interview
Biography Summary
My name is Sasha and I am bank teller working my way up to be a manager in a couple years. On my free time I write poems, play the guitar and spend time with my daughter. I am a single mother trying to provide and be true to myself and others around me.

Bri: How long have you been transitioning?

Sasha: I have been transitioning for about 5 going on 6 months and its been really rough for me. It is very difficult to style my hair and I hate dealing with 2 textures. My hair is only manageable when it is wet with conditioner in it.

Bri: When do you plan on doing the BC?

Sasha: I plan on doing my bc for my bday which is in December.

Bri: Will you cut your hair yourself or have a professional do it at a salon?

Sasha: I probably would have to get my hair professionally cut because I don't trust myself with scissors.
Bri: Why did you decide to go natural? Who or what was the most influential in your decision?

Sasha: I decided to go natural because I am ready for a change. Relaxed hair is damaged hair with no life left in it. I got tired of wasting tons of money to keep my hair straight with treatment to get it healthy. My opinion is natural hair is healthy hair without a doubt. Natural hair is versatile in so many ways.

Bri: Did you experience any problems (e.g. breakage, thinning, hair loss, etc.) with the relaxer?

Sasha: Don't get me wrong I liked my being relaxed but their was a lot of breakage as well as thinning of the hair. With relaxed hair I had to be careful and gentle what I do with it.

Bri: Has anyone (family, friends, work, or significant other) opposed your decision? Have they ALL been supportive? If not, why?

Sasha: I support myself and my own decisions in life. I am my own cheer leader. What makes me happy might not be approved by others but I have the confidence to ignore any negative comments about my decision. I am going back to the way GOD made me.

Bri: Have you tried any transitioning styles (e.g. bantu knots, braids, roller sets, twist outs etc.)? If so, which ones?

Sasha: I wear protective styles like box braids, corn rolls, and sew in's. I tried Bantu knots but didn't like them because I couldn't comb it out when it started to look old.
Bri: Do you miss getting a relaxer? Why or why not?

Sasha: I do not miss getting a relaxer because it is bad news in a jar. I hate the smell of it and the fact every time I get one it always burns my scalp. Anything that is made natural is healthier. If God made us with curly hair, then why change it! I have had a relaxer since I was 14 and I am in my mid 20's now. I really don't know why it took so long for me to decide to go natural but God opened my eyes.

Bri: If going natural is the only way to have healthy hair, why do you think so many women opt not to do it?

Sasha: I have nothing against women with relaxed hair, that is their choice but why chemically change and damage our self? As I get older I am starting to realize that the world lost its originality and its up to us to change with the world or be natural and original.

Bri: Do you admire any celebrities with natural hair? If so, who and why?

Sasha: I admire Jill Scott because there is something about her that stands out. The way she carries herself, the words she uses in her songs, and most importantly her natural hair. She has a lot of confidence and I see many women covering up. Confidence is the key to success.

Bri: For those who just started this journey, what tip(s) can you give them?

Sasha: My advice to those who are going natural is pray about it, eat a lot of fruits and veggies, take your vitamins, and use protective styles to prevent any major breakage. Patience is a virtue and in due time you will not regret going natural.
Sasha's Hair Care Regimen

Sasha: I use a lot of products and the reason is because I want to see what works best for my hair. I currently use Dr. Miracle and it works really well on my hair. From his collection I use the shampoo, leave in setting lotion, hot gro, and braid relief formula. For conditioners I use Dove intensive repair and Herbal Essence color me happy. As for oils I use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, and carrot oil. I don't style my hair everyday because I do not like dealing with it. At the moment I have box braids as a protective style. When I take them out in a month or two I will probably let my hair breathe for a day then get a sew in. I use hair extensions as my protective style and every week I moisturize my scalp with my oils.

Are YOU transitioning/natural?

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What do YOU think of Sasha's
hair journey/regimen?
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